About Us

About the Soulard Business Association

The Soulard Business Association (SBA) was founded in 1987 to facilitate organization and communication between the diverse businesses within the neighborhood. The SBA strives to be a collective advocate for all businesses within the association; promote marketing and beatification initiatives; and support, fund, and organize community events that appeal to the locals and visitors. 

Historic Soulard, through our thriving business community, continues to  attract new residents and entrepreneurs. It is our priority to work with our members, city government, and residents to continue the growth and development of our neighborhood, while celebrating its historic roots.


  • Design and produce the annual publication of 10,000 full color tri-fold brochures listing all active member businesses for the purpose of marketing to non-local visitors and new residents. Brochures are placed in business vestibules, waiting areas, and apartment complex move-in packets. Airbnb and Vrbo owners are encouraged to contact us to pick up pamphlets to place in their rental homes. 

  • Facilitator of “Small Business Highlights.” Members are offered the opportunity to work with a professional photographer to obtain high quality photographs for the members own marketing initiatives. This is a new initiative and business owners will be individually contacted throughout 2023 to set up a photo shoot. 

  • Organize and fund the Bastille Day Parade & Beheading in cooperation with the Soulard Restoration Group. Historic Soulard has hosted Bastille Day festivities for 35 years! The event begins with a “gathering of the mob” outside of the Soulard Farmer’s Market followed by the “King” and “Queen” leading participants throughout the neighborhood. See our last event at the Riverfront Times Arts & Culture page.  

  • Organize Sample Soulard Sunday. This self-guided tasting and pub crawl allows participants to sample food and drink from member restaurants. The purchase of a booklet includes one drink voucher and six food vouchers that can be redeemed at any participating establishments. Complimentary golf cart rides are offered! 

  • Assist the Oktoberfest Board in any measures required to facilitate a successful annual Oktoberfest in the Soulard Market Park.  

  • Distributor of the Official Soulard Mardi Gras shirts, hoodies, and posters. We are currently taking online orders!

  • Responsible for beautification of planters in the Soulard Market Park. 

  • Administer the Historic Soulard Instagram and Facebook page used to share posts about member businesses and highlight neighborhood events.

  • Communicate with Alderperson, City representatives, and other neighborhood organizations, as required, to address collective business owner needs or questions.

  • Management of the neighborhood’s information center in the Soulard Farmer’s Market, outfitted with a great seasonal photo stand-in!  

During the coronavirus update, SBA remained active by providing financial grants to member businesses and fundraising through the “Soulard Stronger Together” initative. You can still see the “Soulard Stronger Together” banners peppered on light poles throughout the Historic District. 


The SBA Executive Board meets monthly during closed sessions. However, members are welcome to email info@historicsoulard.com to be placed on the agenda of a closed session. 

The SBA schedules Quarterly Membership Meetings in which all members are invited to and encouraged to attend.

SBA will send out a reminder e-mail to its members. These dates are subject to change.

Current Board Members

Jim Lettau – President 

Mary Beth Wallace – Vice President

Cory Hammerstone – Secretary

Mike Crossno – Treasurer

Tom Gullickson – Director & Past President

Tom Murphy – Director

Patrick Webster – Director

Laura Leister – Director

Shawn Caruso – Executive Director (non-voting)