Soulard Bastille Weekend – Sample Sunday July 18th

Sample Soulard Sunday

Sunday, July 18

Sample Soulard Sunday returns July 18 as part of Soulard’s Bastille Weekend.

Gather friends and eat, drink, explore your way across historic Soulard. 18 bars, restaurants and other neighborhood businesses are set to participate, offering dozens of delicious options – as well as beautiful summer patios on which to nosh them).

Just $25 gets you ->

  • 7 taste tickets
  • 14 oz Soulard Bastille Weekend Souvenir Mug (while supplies last)
  • Drink specials with your Bastille Mug at participating businesses
  • FREE trolley rides to get you from one end to the other

In the lead-up to the event, you can get your ticket booklets in advance online at

Booklets can be picked up:

Tuesday, July 13, 11am-4pm at Soulard Business Association office – 822 Lafayette.

Saturday, July 17 at the Bastille Weekend Parade

Day of the event at the registration tent – 1860 Geyer

Soulard Bastille Weekend – Bastille Day July 17th


Parade and Beheading

Saturday, July 17

Soulard celebrates our unique French heritage with a return to Bastille Day, honoring the peasants who rejected the monarchy by “gathering the mob.” The walking parade is part of the neighborhood’s Bastille Weekend 2021 celebration.

The parade begins 4pm on Saturday, July 17 at the Cat’s Meow (2600 S 11th). Volunteers will be on hand to help with staging. Our royalty (Russ and Janet French) will lead the parade in their carriage, followed by Funky Butt Brass Band, walking participants and then golf carts. There will be a police escort to ensure parade route safety.

The parade will make multiple stops at neighborhood bars and restaurants before ending at Pontiac Square Park (approx. 6pm) for a proclamation and “beheading.” 

  • Cat’s Meow
  • Boo Coo
  • Big Daddy’s
  • Jack Nolen’s
  • D’s Place
  • Hammerstone’s
  • Henry’s
  • 1860’s
  • Chava’s / The Wood Shack
  • Great Grizzly
  • Duke’s
  • Bastille

Note: if you purchase Bastille Weekend: Sample Soulard Sunday tickets (Sunday, July 18), you can pick up your tickets and special BASTILLE WEEKEND MUG at the Cat’s Meow / during the parade on Saturday. Look for the SBA golf cart! Details: 

Soulard has been celebrating Bastille Day since 1987 (and possibly even before). A huge thanks to all the volunteers and participants – past and present – for highlighting the neighborhood’s unique French heritage.

Bastille Weekend 2021

Bastille Weekend 2021

 Save the date! Since the early 1990s, Soulard has celebrated our unique French heritage with a return to Bastille Day. 2021 will feature two days of celebration. On Saturday, July 17 (4pm), honor the peasants who rejected the monarchy by “gathering the mob.” A walking and golf cart parade will wind through Soulard – stopping at bars and restaurants – before ending at Market Park Plaza to mock “behead” the dastardly king and queen. Stay tuned for the procession map and additional details. Follow the event on Facebook:

On Sunday, July 18 (11am-5pm), enjoy Sample Soulard Sunday, Bastille-edition (rescheduled from June 6)! 20+ neighborhood bars and restaurants are set to participate, offering dozens of delicious options – as well as beautiful summer patios on which to nosh them. More information about tickets, participants and menu options will be shared prior to the event at and on Facebook:

Bastille Weekend 2021 is a collaborative celebration by Soulard Business Association (SBA) and Soulard Restoration Group (SRG).


Soulard Sample Sunday Postponed to July 18th

Soulard Sample Sunday will be postponed from June 6th to July 18th. Our businesses are busy gearing up for a great summer, so Soulard Sample Sunday has been postponed to be combined with the Soulard traditional ‘Bastille Day’ weekend!

Enjoy a spring afternoon in the Historic Soulard neighborhood! Over 20 bars and restaurants and other Soulard businesses will participate in this year’s Sample Soulard Sunday Funday.

Sunday, July 18th from 11am-5pm.


Ticket Book with 6 food tastes and 1 drink taste

Souvenir Mug

Drink Specials with Souvenir Mug at participating businesses

Free Trolly Rides to get you from one end to the other!

Drawings to win tickets to Soulard Octoberfest

Benefits The Soulard Business Association

Ticket booklets can be picked up in Soulard the day of the event at the registration booth at 9th & Geyer.

SBA Meeting and Election May 3rd

The Soulard Business Association will hold its first meeting since Covid on Monday, May 3, 2021 at 2pm. The meeting will take place on the plaza area of  the Soulard Farmers Market.  Please wear a mask and adhere to St. Louis City social distancing regulations.  Social hour after the meeting.
Elections will be held during the meeting.  You must be a paid business level member to vote.
Dues can be paid at the meeting, or mailed to :
Soulard Business Association
822 Lafayette Street
St. Louis, MO 63104
NEW FOR 2021:
Business Level 2021 payment options:
$100 cash/check/charge. OR $100 in your business’ gift cards to be used by the SBA for promotional purposes.
Non Profit/Association:  $25
Residential:  $25

2021 Soulard Mardi Gras Posters

The 2021 Soulard Mardi Gras Poster has arrived! Posters available at:

Vincent’s 12th Street Market
1860 Saloon, Game Room, & Hardshell Café
Hammerstone’s @ 9th and Russell

And online at our online store!

New shirt inventory drops tomorrow at many of your favorite Soulard establishments including:
Hammerstone’s @ 9th and Russell
Protagonist Cafe
Cat’s Meow
Broadway Oyster Bar
Molly’s In Soulard
Morganford Salon & Spa
The Wood Shack Soulard

Soulard Honorary Mayor

Soulard Honorary Mayor Contest Rules:
This is an honorary position. Honorary Mayor will have no legal jurisdicition over Soulard or any part of the City of St. Louis. Receipts will be turned in to the SBA office at 822 Lafayette Street in a designated Poll Box between December 28-January 2.

Receipts should be tabulated with subtotals for:
Qualified businesses:
Grocery/Farmers Market
Groups can pool their receipts and designate their candidate. For instance, if you live in a multi-family building, you can use all receipts and designate 1  candidate.

Designate the Candidate name, email, social media handle, phone number as well as Jacket size for Honorary Mayor’s jacket. Women’s Sm/Md/Lg/xl/2x Men’s S/M/L/XL/2XL.

Winning candidate will supply a photograph for commissioned portrait
This is to support our Soulard Businesses. Please respect the business and staff when requesting a receipt. Don’t forget the #tipchallenge.

Winner will receive a mayoral inaugaration 20 person happy hour at a mutually agreed upon outdoor space, at a mutually agreed upon time, following all St. Louis City Covid-19 guidelines.

Recognize that the inauguration may be postponed due to Covid-19 concerns.

Campaign notes:
This is first and foremost a fun campaign to support all Soulard businesses.
Share on Social Media.
Team Up! Mask Up!
Name your Team.
Follow all Covid-19 guidelines.
SBA will give out random prizes throughout the month to those teams posting on Social Media. Creativity is king! This is a for-fun-campaign.
The final tabulation and winner will be determined the election committee and will be final. If you don’t like collusion, bribery & fun, we suggest you run for Honorary Mayor at a neighboring neighborhood.

Soulard Honorary Mayor Campaign
What if the business doesn’t offer receipts?
Don’t bug the business. Most, if not all, Soulard businesses can issue receipts.
However, if the business is crazy busy or just having a bad day, slip a note for a signature or let them be and move on to the next.

Are vendors at the Farmers Market participating in this event?
That will be up to the individual vendor. (see above).

Can I form a team?
Yes. Teams are encouraged. Campaign advisors can play a vital role in
any election campaign. One candidate must be designated to be elected
Honorary Mayor, but you can reward your advisors at the Inaugural happy hour for 20.

Tell me more about the Inaugural happy hour.
The winning candidate will receive happy hour for 20 of their constituents and a mutually agreed upon location and time. Includes 2 hours of beverages &  appetizers.
Covid-19 guidelines must be followed.

What information needs to be on the receipt?
Date, name of business, total amount

Do manufacturing plants count?

Does delivery count?
Yes. Meal and merchandise delivery from a Soulard business counts.

Can I duplicate receipts for my friends?
No. Original receipts. Receipts can only be used once.

Will I get lunch with the Mayor of St. Louis?

What if someone cheats?
We don’t yet have an honorary police force yet, so everyone is on the honor system.

What if I don’t like the way the election is being run?
Run for honorary office in another neighborhood.

Who can I contact for further clarification?
We suggest you don’t over think it, but if necessary, you can contact us at

Where do I drop off my receipts?
At the new SBA Office 822 Lafayette Avenue. We will have a poll workers and a poll box at designated locations and times from December 28 – January 2. Exact times and locations will be announced on on the Soulard Business Association Facebook page.